Beware of Counterfeit Dresses Online

Jan 29, 2018Bella's Bridal and Formal, Bella's Pageant and Prom

Don’t Buy a Fake Dress Online!

In today’s world of Internet shopping, it can be tempting to try to find your dream designer wedding gown or prom dress for a lower price online. Unfortunately, what seems like a great way to save money usually turns into disappointment and disaster.

Scammers are Targeting You

Jovani-authentic-Prom Dress Bella's Alabama

Authentic Jovani Prom Dress

Counterfeit websites pop up during this time of year to prey on women shopping for their perfect wedding gown or prom dress. These scammers will steal copyrighted images from the real designer’s website, put the images on their own website and take orders for the dress. By the time the fake dress arrives, the website is gone and there is no option to return the dress.

Just because the picture looks the same, does not mean it is the same dress. Do your research before you buy. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you find a designer dress on sale, check the designer’s website to see if the seller is an authorized retailer. If not, be prepared to be disappointed.

In our business, the online counterfeit dress scam has become such an epidemic that many designers are adding warnings to their websites. Follow this link How to Spot a Fake Prom Dress to learn more from Mac Duggal about how you can spot a fake dress website. Jovani has also published information on their website about Don’t Be Fooled by Fakes!

But It Looks Like the Same Dress in the Picture

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Fake Jovani Prom Dress

At Bella’s we are an authorized retailer for all the designer dresses that we carry in our store. Our designers’ craft high-quality designer gowns that are well constructed from quality fabrics. Our designers only sell their dresses to authorized retailers. These designers do not sell their Prom dresses or Bridal Gowns on discount websites. Even if a replica dress ‘looks’ like one of our designer dresses, it will not ‘fit’ like our designer dresses. 

If you find a picture of one of our designer’s dresses on a discounted website you should assume it is a fake, and the dress you receive in the mail will not be the quality or style of the dress you are expecting. Usually, the gown will be poorly constructed out of flimsy material with substandard embellishments, and unwearable. 

Jovani Authentic Designer Dresses includes tips on how to verify if your dress is being sold by an authorized retailer. 

“Teens Are Sharing Prom Dresses They Regret Buying Online And It’s Hilarious”


There are a lot of posts on Pinterest and other websites about counterfeit online prom dresses. Bored Panda published a series of blog posts on the topic. These are supposed to be funny and whimsical. But we know it’s not funny when you spend several hundred dollars on the dress of your dreams and the gown that arrives in the mail is a disaster. It is no laughing matter. We have seen too many women come to our store in tears looking to buy a wedding gown or a prom dress at the last minute. Be a smart shopper, don’t fall for the scam. Only shop for dresses from authorized retailers.

How to Buy the Dress of Your Dreams

The first step to buying the wedding gown or prom dress of your dreams is to start early. Bella’s offers prom, pageant and bridal gown clearance sales during the months of November and December. This is the perfect time to pick up a designer gown from last season at a discounted price. While sizes and selections may be limited, there are a lot of high-quality gowns available for a fantastic price.

New Prom Dresses and Bridal gowns start arriving in our store at the beginning of January. Come to the store early and talk to a consultant about your budget and your favorite style or dress or designer. Our prom dresses range in price from $250 – $700. Our wedding gowns range in price from $1000 – $3500. Our consultants are knowledgeable about fit, style, and price for all the designer gowns we carry. They will help you find the perfect dress to fit your style and budget. We offer layaway plans for our wedding gowns and prom dresses.

More Information from Your Favorite Designers

We want you to be educated so you do not get scammed and lose your money. These are articles about counterfeit dresses from some of our wedding and prom dress designers:

Allure Bridal’s statement on Counterfeit Gowns

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